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This is our typical Street Menu but can vary for different types of events depending on the amount of on board space available.

Each item is in a to go container.Forks and Napkins are available. Extra Sauce is available upon request.

The Grand Slam and Slam dunk includes 2 orders of beans & 2 orders of slaw as it comes in two, to-go, three compartment carry out trays

When we have it, You may substitute smoked Mac n Cheese for the beans or slaw for a $3 upcharge

OR, you may substitute 1 serving of the smoked Mac n Cheese for both the beans and the slaw for no up-charge.

 Fat Boys BBQ Catering Prices

All Prices are Drop off Hot & Cold in Disposable Steam Pans

$13.00 Smoked BBQ Chicken

$14.00 BBQ Pork

$19.00 BBQ Pork & Chicken

$19.00 Pork Baby-back Ribs

$19.00 Smoked Brisket

$23.00 BBQ Pork & Ribs

$22.00 Pork Ribs & Chicken

$24.00 Smoked Brisket & Chicken

$25.00 BBQ Pork & Brisket

$29.00 Pork Ribs & Brisket

$30.00 BBQ Pork, Pork Ribs, & Chicken

$31.00 BBQ Pork , Smoked Brisket, & Chicken

$33.00 BBQ Pork, Pork Ribs, & Smoked Brisket

$32.00 Pork Ribs, Smoked Brisket, & Chicken

$35.00 BBQ Pork, Pork Ribs, Smoked Brisket & Chicken

All above Meat include Smoked Beans, Slaw, Water and Sweet Tea, and Paperware

We do not use china and silverware.


$4.00 Banana Pudding

$5.00 Smoked Mac n Cheese

$2.00 Green Beans

$8.00 Red Neck Egg Rolls per person

Other Items per request- We can cook almost anything!

Min 30 People or add $5/person

Discounts available for higher volumes above 200

Quotes for serving, Setup, and having the rig onsite are available.

Please Add NC Sales tax